Sunday, April 19, 2009

God-Sized Project... Realized!

Today was an amazing amazing day! We had the last service in our church on Henderson and Indiana, and had a processional across town to our new "God-Sized Project". It doesn't seem like it's finally time! It's been a long time in the planning and preparation, and now we have our first service next week! What a wonderful time!

So after service, some of the church members loaded on an old fire truck to go across town. Mostly it was the members of the congregation who had made the last move from Walnut & C about 44 years ago. So Mom and Nana loaded up, and it about killed Brock to let them go, so he jumped on the fire truck for the ride of his life! He thought he was one cool dude! It was so cool!

I have 33 years of memories at the "old church" (for lack of a better name for it!). From childhood, musicals, youth group memories, missions trips, college travel group visits, getting married, Brock & Addi's baptisms, Caylie's dedication, and so many more.... I haven't known anything other than that "church" building. But it's so much more than the building. My church is the people - old friends and new friends - who have made the "Fleischman's" who we are!
We look forward to many wonderful memories at our new church.

So, someday (hopefully no time too soon) we'll look back and be able to say that WE participated in the move from Indiana to Olive, and will always cherish those memories!

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